pro KBLE – Workshop Cables

The pro KBLE line is designed for the workshops offering cables in dispenser boxes of 100 cables, boxes with 25/30/50 meters of cable housing and the ferrules / end caps to finish the job.

All our cables are composed according to the specifications of the leading component manufacturers.  

KPT12200 100 BLACK SNAKE PTFE Gear Cables 2M30
KPXS122001 100 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible SLICK S/Steel Gear Cables 2M00
KPS122001 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible Galvanized SLICK Gear Cables 2M00
KPX121903 CAMPAGNOLO* compatible STAINLESS STEEL Gear Cables 1M90
KPT03170 100 BLACK SNAKE PTFE MTB Brake Cables 1M70
KPT01170 100 BLACK SNAKE PTFE ROAD Brake Cables 1M70
KPXS031701 100 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible SLICK S/Steel MTB Brake Cables 1M70
KPXS011701 100 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible SLICK S/Steel ROAD Brake Cables 1M70
KPX031701 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible Stainless Steel MTB Brake Cables 1M70
KP031701 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible galvanized MTB Brake Cables 1M70
KPX011701 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible INOX ROAD Brake Cables 1M70
KP011701 SHIMANO*/SRAM* compatible Galvanized ROAD Brake Cables 1M70
KPX011603 CAMPAGNOO* compatible STAINLESS STEEL ROAD Brake Cables 1M60