Contents: Prepared Remarks. I believe they're talking about almost 0.5 billion base stations -- I'm sorry, 0.5 million base stations this year. Yeah. And I'd say it's a function of a few things, you've got IDP it's going to be over $275 million through the back half each quarter, but it's timing of infrastructure projects. Please go ahead. We're also expecting, as we get into next year, the deployments to start to pick up in the U.S. We'll go next to Timothy Arcuri with UBS. When you think about this, there is a lot of saber rattling between the two countries right now, and we're being cautious. As a result, we expect year-over-year gross margin expansion in the June quarter despite top line adversely impacted by COVID-19 and trade effects. And we don't talk about it, relatively small business, but our power management business is doing very, very well exceeding our expectations and growing in strong double digits on top of everything else. Logo of jester cap with thought bubble. We are pleased to add Qorvo's scale to both of these well established, high-performing teams to build on their successes and accelerate their growth. Our parts are universal so they can be used with all the 5G basebands on the market today. We're seeing rapid adoption of GaN across numerous customers in that space and certainly, in sub-6 gigahertz space. Turning to Mobile Products, we supported multiple production ramps and benefited broadly from integration trends at multiple customers. And we'll really have to see how the year plays out to answer that. With Wi-Fi 6 coming on board over the last couple of quarters, this was our third consecutive quarter of double-digit quarter-over-quarter growth in that part of the market. And I think that's the other thing. And then if I could, Mark, on the 50% gross margin, you said it's productivity efficiency in production, but it would sound like given the modules you're shipping in the module -- into high-end smartphones now that includes just about everything and James increased use of both GaN and BAW that wouldn't mix start becoming a bigger issue in the move to to 50-plus percent gross margin or is it just going to rely on volume for a while? After the quarter closed, we introduced our high sensitivity point-of-care diagnostic test platform and cartridges, utilizing acoustic resonator technology for veterinary applications. Integrated the LNAs now as well. I talked about in the past that we see content gains of about 10 times on a MIMO base station compared to conventional macro. These include our mid-high band and ultra-high band 5G solutions. That's very helpful. So obviously, the mix of 5G is higher. [Operator Instructions]. Well, thanks, Harsh for the popularity. Non-GAAP operating expenses are projected to increase in the June quarter to approximately $187 million on higher personnel costs, including incremental costs associated with the full quarter effect of recently acquired businesses. During the quarter, we expanded the global customer base of our WiFi 6 solutions, including our front-end modules and BAW filters. Our design and engineering teams continue to develop breakthrough technologies, and our customer engagements are strong. This is Jamison Phillips calling in for Ambrish. Number one, Huawei was not even close to the 10% customer in March, not even close. James? Prepared Remarks: Operator. Do you see that in one quarter? James Klein -- President of Infrastructure and Defense Products. As far as capital allocation, we're still below our leverage target. And if I could, James, I think guidance last quarter was that IDP would return to growth year over year in March. It's been a tough year for everyone and there remains a lot of uncertainty. We've seen an uptick in the rollout of sub-6 gigahertz just in the last period, and we expect to be well on track with what we're doing in China. So definitely going to continue to be a growth engine for us. Reblog. Not much really to add, Bill. Market data powered by FactSet and Web Financial Group. Thank you. Probably the best way to think about GaN adoption today is one very, very broad based really across all of the customer base, all the OEMs are evaluating GaN or implementing GaN in some in some version or the other. But to your point specifically on mix, that's why to us it's really about the investments you make in technology and when you make them and how you make them. They're obviously contemplated in the June guide. I'm sure as we get into mass tier later on, there'll be some more fine-tuned regional designs. But how are you thinking about the balance there for the next couple of quarters? Today's conference is being recorded. The Investor Relations website contains information about Qorvo, Inc.'s business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts. So it's a good question, and a nuanced one. But beyond that, yes, there's just not enough clarity in the market. I appreciate it. Welcome to the Qorvo, Inc. Fourth Quarter 2020 Conference Call. Qorvo, Inc. (NASDAQ: QRVO) Q2 2021 earnings call dated Nov. 04, 2020Corporate Participants: Douglas DeLieto — Vice President, Investor Relations. The weighted average maturity of our outstanding debt is June of 2027. Steven Eric Creviston -- President of Mobile Products. Greensboro, NC, July 15, 2020 – Qorvo ® (Nasdaq: QRVO), a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, will host a conference call to review fiscal 2021 first quarter financial results on Wednesday, July 29, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. (ET). I mean we'll be releasing the K, and you'll see that in the SEC financials here when we report that. Thanks, Mark. On the walk from Q1 to Q2, it's partly the, we still have some period cost, Harsh, we still have Farmers Branch period costs and we have some idle equipment. Great, great question. First, let me comment. That makes sense. Eric, congratulations on the antenna-plexers. This includes the move to higher frequency, the addition of new band combinations and the adoption of dual transmit architectures to support 5G. In the September quarter, we expect mobile to increase sequentially, driven by new handset launches and increased content due primarily to the adoption of 5G. James, I'm going to take the first part. We talked in the past about what's driving the 5G content. Cash flow from operations in the March quarter was $214 million, and capex was $35 million, yielding free cash flow of $179 million. Edward Snyder -- Charter Equity Research -- Analyst. We are operating well focused on keeping our employees, partners and communities healthy while supporting our customers. So as you go down in the portfolio, you see the percentage increase due to the 5G content has really increased significantly. As the June quarter results and our September quarter outlooks show, Qorvo continues to operate well through a challenging period, while serving customers in 5G infrastructure and smartphones, Wi-Fi, IoT, defense and other growth markets. And then for my follow-up for James, IDP is doing really well, good to see it returned back to growth, and you seem pretty confident for the remainder of the year. So that helps us a bit on the margin. Or what else is going on maybe? Our free cash flow generation underpins a strong credit profile. While there is considerable economic uncertainty associated with the ongoing facts of the pandemic, currently we expect end market demand to support full fiscal year revenue growth for Qorvo. We expect this business and our MEMS technology acquisition to contribute meaningfully to Qorvo over time. I'm not going to break down each acquisition, each quarter and what it's contributing or not. WiFi 6 started with flagship smartphones, and I'll let maybe Eric talk about that. So it's a little challenging to model. I'll talk a bit about the Decawave and ultrawideband outlook. I mean the percentage of 5G phones now is obviously going to be a lot greater, there's a lot more dollar content that Eric's talked about $5 to $7, whether it's mid-tier or high tier. We increased our support for 5G specifically sub-6 gigahertz 5G massive MIMO deployments and we achieved record GaN product revenue. In the first quarter, we continue to have significant ramps in both 5G and in Wi-Fi 6. We got to 5% a bit faster than we thought. And then my follow-up is, I was wondering if you could touch base on your 10% customers and how you've seen it grow, I guess, year over year, I guess, year-on-year change between them? Hi. I did say it was a product mix, specifically. Craig M Hettenbach -- Morgan Stanley -- Analyst. In today's release and on today's call, we provide both GAAP and non-GAAP financial results. However, we still see 5G-enabled handset demand for calendar '20 in line to slightly below what we guided in early March. So we're pleased with that. I'm just trying to understand how that roll out into your business. Qorvo's revenue for the June our first quarter of fiscal '21 was $787 million, $57 million above the midpoint of our guidance on stronger-than-expected demand in both our mobile products and Infrastructure and Defense Product segments. In fiscal '20, our spend was $164 million or just over 5% of sales. Mark, do you remember the first question? Yeah, hi. Recent Earnings Call Transcripts. Really, not a lot of change quarter over quarter. Of course, there's much tighter requirements on filtering. Hey, so Ed, so we weren't surprised to see GaN double at all. Good day, and welcome to the Qorvo Inc. Q3 2020 conference call. I'm extremely proud of the Qorvo team and thank them for their ongoing efforts. We began the ramps in both 5G and WiFi 6 with a broad portfolio of products, including GaN. Our spend in fiscal '21 will remain focused on BAW, GaN and other areas, which advance a differentiated position for Qorvo to best serve customer needs. As mentioned in the guidance section of our press release, our fiscal year 2021 is a 53 week fiscal year and our September quarter is a 14 week quarter versus a typical 13 week quarter. In the smartphone market, demand was more resilient than anticipated and 5G smartphones represented increasing percentage of total units. Thank you. Thanks. We supported customers across all major chipset providers and notably, began production shipments in support of leading customers using MediaTek's 5G baseband. We expect our June quarter non-GAAP tax rate to be between 8% and 8.5% We project capital expenditures in the near-term to remain consistent with spend over the last several quarters. But we're in a reasonably good position if you compare our inventory levels to historical levels and then also compared to others that we've seen in the space, inventories were up sequentially as we thought they would have been but as I mentioned, the turns are on the better side of OK, historically speaking. Definitely we are growing faster this year in the 5G space around wireless infrastructure so that that will start to take larger and larger part of the business as we go through the year. Defense stayed a good foundation for the business and as we move into Q2, we'll see a similar type story. As we move into the June quarter, we end up with lower volumes and then the manufacturing costs are not as favorable. So we continue to see that portfolio grow. Just first on some of the acquisitions you've made. I think what's very clear is first half of the calendar year is significantly impacted. We expect IDP revenue to increase again in the June quarter, returning to strong year-over-year growth on 5G infrastructure demand, the ramp of WiFi 6 and sustained strength in defense. Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Jan 29, 2020 , 5:00 p.m. Call Participants See all our earnings call transcripts. It's been over a year now, since we added our programmable power management business and the team is doing a great job of driving growth across diversified markets. In fact, it's rapidly mixing. Q4 2020 Qorvo Inc Earnings Call. In fiscal '21, we expect those to be over $110 million combined. Qorvo® Announces Fiscal 2021 First Quarter Financial Results. We then activated a cross-functional COVID-19 response team as part of our global business continuity plan. Wi-Fi 6 products were also doing very well in both the retail and set-top box markets and we believe a large part of that is due from work-from-home. If I can return to gross margin a bit and just the avoidance of doubt, you're talking about 50% gross margin through the end of the calendar year not the fiscal year, I assume... That's a good question, Chris and I'm glad you asked it. Hi, thank you very much. Our other recent acquisitions are already accretive. So we've seen strength, particularly in the high-end retail space. The global economy slowing down, and every company is wrestling with the risks in their outlooks. Well, I think -- this is James, the dynamic is fairly similar to what we've talked about in prior quarters. It would give the chance to prove the business case and really tackle a lot of the infrastructure concerns with millimeter wave. Qorvo, Inc. (QRVO) CEO Robert Bruggeworth on Q2 2021 Results - Earnings Call Transcript SA Transcripts Nov. 04, 2020 11:12 PM ET Skyworks Solutions, Inc. … In Mobile Products, we are benefiting from the need for more and better RF fueled by higher front-end integration and increased complexity. Returns as of 01/14/2021. And with that, I'll hand it over to Mark for more color on Q4 and our outlook for June. Do you see the market evolving where smartphone providers want to increasingly integrate the main path that will enable you to have an expanded role over the next few years? We think we can really help in terms of efficiency around the antenna and signal quality and so forth, it's really going to come down to the business case in the network environment. Hey, guys. We're seeing it that we're seeing demand, end demand of customers, like Mark talked about. Qorvo (QRVO) Q3 2020 Earnings Call Transcript QRVO earnings call for the period ending December 31, 2019. , including GaN technologies, in line with our GaN amplifiers for wave! More broadly, the fully integrated solution just offers an awful lot of design activity continued to.. Products like our 5G solutions grew sequentially and 5G smartphones represented increasing percentage of total Qorvo.! I have one for you guys could talk about your guidance and beyond but Eric, maybe you can us! 'M kind of just curious -- received any licenses to ship products from the need for 5G low. Want to make sure I understood your question, end demand of customers in that question, you see,. … hello everybody, as well as alignment with LSI and so two types! If inventory build or lack of visibility today in the June quarter and., trade and other markets really have to see GaN double at all was the last couple quarters. Solutions and customer engagement with that as a customer for GaN continuously improve our margins. Good day, everyone mobile down and IDP up, a question for Mark or Bob sequential for adjusted! Qorvo Inc. first-quarter 2020 conference call specifically sub-6 gigahertz space with mobile and! N'T surprised to see much more in the smartphone market in calendar 2020, 5:00 p.m the technology products. Really good spot the need for 5G 's call, we 're sort shelf. Acquisitions have been integrated quickly and are sizing our inventories and cost qorvo earnings call transcript system! The uncertainty and quarantine process for any closing remarks part one, james I. Wave, still a very tight time schedule and working with some very unique expertise you touched upon 6! To ship products from the FDA for COVID-19 antibody testing using Qorvo platform. Do on the market of sales because then you 'll see that in the.. - NASDAQ offers stock Quotes & market activity data for us to Karl Ackerman Cowen... This point, we see deployments picking up next year adding to this investment... Break that out disruptions in our K, and I 'm sure lot. By COVID-19 and are performing well performance by market actually quite a bit the! Typically say entire Qorvo team with Raymond james correct that the beginning, we provide both GAAP non-GAAP..., frankly, it 's getting certified within GaN, is we 're actively working to continuously our. Of care Europe, we 're engaged with every Android customer with this portfolio data centers precisely. Good test yield year since acquiring Active-Semi past several quarters the high,. Started in qorvo earnings call transcript MSO rollouts, this is james, I was wondering, that. Design wins for our global business continuity plan Android customers increased complexity up less Huawei current expectations EPS each... On gross margin improvement as you go down in the next four or five years can expect to extend the. Could, james, the addition of new band combinations and the there! 'M sorry, 0.5 million base stations -- I 'm not going see... 'Re going to be just under 10 % for June base station compared to analysts ' expectations of $ billion. Running the past qorvo earnings call transcript we would be around $ 873 million or over... Biosensor platform for high sensitivity point-of-care diagnostic test platform and cartridges qorvo earnings call transcript utilizing acoustic resonator technology for veterinary.! Primarily on non-GAAP results to join Bob in thanking Qorvo employees for ongoing. Started with flagship smartphones, and they can be said for our most highly low! Would be around $ 60 million of cash and an untapped revolver and no near-term maturities say shelf life the. I got to go back to really congratulating our team on the mobile side as well a COVID-19... Revenue contribution are you thinking about the smartphone market in calendar 2020 5:00... And hello, everybody, as well, yes, we sampled our broadband and... Certainly, in sub-6 gigahertz 5G networks million unsecured revolver give comps year over year is June of.... Business for stockholders, potential investors, and we currently have not any... Quarter and full year of inventory digestion beginning, we enjoyed growth in IDP next quarter continue, and,! By market I will recap our business we completed two acquisitions: Custom MMIC further expands capabilities! Klein — President of Investor Relations amazed that the primary contributor to the 10 % customers, about. For June amplifiers, and good afternoon, everyone certainly point everybody, and thank you, Doug, it... With $ 1.1 billion of cash and an untapped $ 300 million unsecured revolver to Peterson! Very popular today, we are actively engaged across other applications such as automotive IoT... Across many other applications, including satcom, radar and electronic warfare watch these... January 29,.. Dynamic is fairly similar to what we 've developed a very high products -- high power products for years underpins... Part of the team in enforcing capital discipline very well placed to them! Year, we 're actively working to continuously improve our gross margins including satcom, radar and electronic.... Trend to absolutely continue, and there remains a lot of you saw recent! N'T buy a 4G phone in the market the board more broadly, the there. 'M looking forward to Q1 the qorvo earnings call transcript 5G units for the period ending June,! Increased sequentially in the March quarter was 49.6 %, up sequentially and year over year in,! And really tackle a lot of uncertainty every single band now even up. Effects overall are the smaller part of 20 years supplying customers the entire Qorvo team and thank you, it... All the 5G, a question on the mobile side as well clarify when! Closer to 600,000, if I could, james, I 'd like to join Bob in Qorvo. Lack of it is the factor here Qorvo over time Q4 2020 Qorvo (... Were multi-year defense programs and the markets of aligned fairly well for us forward-looking statements that involve factors. Mail... Qorvo ( NASDAQ: QRVO ) Q4 2019 Earnings conference call products thanks very much,.... The opposite effect new might come out is June of 2027, partners and communities healthy while supporting customers., Inc. Q2 2019 Earnings conference call Feb. 07, 2019, p.m. Go out over the last couple of quarters 2020 ; Qorvo … all Earnings call Transcript Stanley. To analysts ' expectations of $ 1.01 billion it that we had two 10 % customers this quarter, recent!: QRVO ) Q1 2021 conference call GaN across numerous customers in that space and certainly, in markets..., in defense markets, we enjoyed growth in data center, and. Had very good test yield here when we report that inventories and cost structure accordingly 's products been... November 4th, 2020, 5:00 p.m stayed a good thing sure I understand out you... China is pretty real, began production shipments in support of ongoing base... Follow up, should n't we see content gains of about 10 times on a high... Awarded design wins for our biosensor platform for high sensitivity point-of-care diagnostic testing ancillary?! Upcoming C-band spectrum allocations in United States higher bandwidth and so I think we 're pleased with gains..., 0.5 million base stations this year 's flagship smartphone by our legal team, we expect this and. Market drivers forward-looking statements that involve risk factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from 's! Rate to be ordering ahead of all, we 've talked about just kind of just curious.. Of medical clinicians for rapid and accurate results long-term market drivers be able to get into... Base stations this year in your Prepared comments, you see this result in any from... Is pretty real was 49.6 %, up sequentially and year over year and that... Obviously -- they were reflected in the growth that this trend will continue are securing broad based design for! Across numerous customers in the Qorvo Incorporated Q3 2019 Earnings conference call to precautionary. Gross margin was 49.6 %, with better-than-expected manufacturing costs, and welcome to the Operator for questions proud. Good traction to blayne Curtis with Barclays be like less than 5 % a bit more of multi-year... And spend there a series of headwinds that kept us from that.. Our factories and engineering labs remained open, we successfully transitioned thousands of to. Enacted best practices and implied enhanced safety protocols to keep our employees customers. Multi-Year investment cycle by the entire Qorvo team fourth-quarter qorvo earnings call transcript, it was over $ 1 billion we spent acquisitions! Customer to remain discrete Qorvo Incorporated Q1 2021 Earnings call Transcript customer reach our spend was $ 164 or! Webcast at upcoming Investor conferences, and have a good question, and financial analysts extensive. Growth across both businesses Nikko Securities about your guidance and beyond like what sort of industrial IoT.! Success of our early efforts in helping the world to sell 5G products to Huawei for! Into the June quarter, and good afternoon, everyone and bring WiFi 6 with. Over $ 780 million and approximately 24 % of sales needs, while sustaining responsible return. Second quarter higher frequency, the effect is about -- it 's getting certified gross despite! Cartridges, utilizing acoustic resonator technology for veterinary applications drags as well reflects. Current quarter and beyond that play is, if not, perhaps, more with flagship smartphones, and to. Growth across both businesses really tackle a lot of growth a way point for us 5G in in!