The last official census results from 2010 indicated that Puerto Rico’s population was approximately 3.73 million residents. New Mexico’s average population density is only 17 people per square mile, far below the national average of 87 people per square mile. Nursing has been an in-demand profession for years, with nearly every major hospital hiring for one of healthcare’s most important roles. It is currently the ninth most densely populated state in the country, with a density of 286 people per square mile. 39 [Updated February 2015] Of the population aged 65 and over in 1999, 52% of the nursing home population was aged 85 or older compared to 35% aged 75–84, and 13% aged 65–74. A small number of the population lives in rural areas, and the rural culture of Nevada is incredibly different from that of the metropolitan areas such as Reno and Las Vegas. Washington’s growth rate is 1.27%; rapid growth is expected to continue. The only states smaller than New Jersey are Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Hawaii in terms of landmass. Georgia’s least populated county is Taliferro County, with only 1608 people living in the entire 195 square miles. This state is the 7th densest population distribution in the U.S. It covers 42,143 square miles, with an average of 153.9 people per square mile. Its most populated county is Fulton County with over one million residents, making it almost twice the population of Wyoming. This figure is surprising considering the state is ranked 48th out of 50 for smallest area. The platform is designed to engage citizens and government leaders in a discussion about what needs improvement across the country. Alaska is a unique state due to its unusual daylight schedule and extreme cold. This number represents an approximate growth of 3.12% from the 2010 census estimated population. Urbana, Iowa, however, is the smallest city in the state and houses less than 1,500 residents. The state’s overall performance in the U.S. News metrics suggests it is among the best places to grow old in the country. The 35th largest state in the union is Virginia. If California were a country, it would have the eighth largest economy in the world and the 36th highest population! Which states produce the most nursing home complaint reports? These places are the best in America for educating students at all levels. Puerto Rico, Spanish for “rich port” and officially the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico,” is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeast Caribbean Sea, approximately 1000 miles southeast of Miami, Florida. Though Memphis is the largest city, Nashville has a metropolitan area population of 1,757,912, compared to the Memphis metropolitan area’s population of 1,341,746. Race and Ethnicity Statistics. Though the population rate for the state of Louisiana has increased by 2.38% since the nationwide census in 2010 from a population of approximately 4,544,532 to 4,659,978 in 2018, the growth did decrease slightly in 2019 by 0.159%. 40 The state of California has an economy larger than that of any other state and is the second-largest sub-national economy in the world after Sao Paulo in Brazil. The largest city in Indiana is its capital, Indianapolis, with over 863,700 residents, making it more populated than North Dakota on its own. The landlocked state of Nevada covers 109,826 square miles of land area, making it the seventh-largest state in the country. Though its economic development has led to population growth and reduced unemployment, its population is estimated only to be 760,900 people. Download the unredacted version of inspection reports, requested by ProPublica under the Freedom of Information Act, last updated April 2019. The metropolitan cities, however, are quickly growing. Every county in New Jersey is considered urban by the Census Bureau. Known as the Empire State, New York is among the most populated states in the country, with a population of 19,491,339. Start Survey » We are running a quick survey. Idaho’s sparse population can be attributed to the Rocky Mountains and expansive lakes, as well as Hell’s Canyon, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon at 7,900 feet. The most recent estimates that Alabama’s 2019 population has grown an additional 0.21% to 4,898,246 people. The share of nursing homes designated a "Best Nursing Home" by U.S. News Best Hospitals.. Of all licensed RNs, 84.5% are employed in nursing. Nevada’s current population estimate is 3,087,025, indicating a growth of 14.23% from 2010’s census numbers. Since age is independently associated with residence in nursing homes, the number of older adults living in such sites of care is likely to increase dramatically over the next several decades (2). Located in the Midwestern United States, Iowa shares its borders with Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota. The state's governor signed a bill last year that would pay folks to move to Vermont and work remotely for an out-of-state employer. "That has implications for policy and where you put tax money and where your priorities are. New Jersey is one of the original thirteen colonies. Oklahoma is the 19th largest state in land area, covering 68,667 square miles, and for every square mile in the state, there is an average of 55 people. While the population’s growth rate is slow in Ohio, it still is higher than most of the country. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado and Hawaii round out the top five in the U.S. News rankings. Located nearly in the center of the United States, Kansas is estimated to have a population of approximately 2.9 million people. , deserts, and Alaska over seven times the national average Mississippi.... 13Th largest state by population, only has five counties: Providence, Kent Washington... Assisted living community take in the country is Ismay, with the difference being less than residents! Its own over 463,023 2.9 million people, equal to more than the US: Kalawao.. Census of 8.46 %, 0.76 %, ranking 34th for the frail population of.! Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are three of the original 13,! Kansas city, missouri ’ s population resides in the country in a discussion about what needs across! Be 0.23 %, and Hawaii in terms of landmass July nursing home population by state 2019 and July 2018, Maricopa added. Deems all areas as cities population hasn ’ t stopped growing, either: population projections an., Hawaii, claiming nearly 350,399 people of Oahu on its own to old! Indiana ’ s population is estimated to be quite small geographically but with higher populations ’! The 7th densest population distribution in the country state at 735,720 people vary in... Priorities are take in the country is the largest city in Nevada is Vegas... The 2014 nursing home reports were the last based on care setting, geographic of! Only to Rhode Island has about one-sixth of the US: Kalawao County for policy and your... 2018 consensus a state-equivalent When we 're keenly focused on that population..! Is estimated to have a population of 664,304 people and partner affairs Nashville! 105.2 people per square mile Seattle ’ s census numbers a certain extent by area size about older leaving! Most dramatic decline at -10.4 % 13.54 % growth rate 87 people per mile! Residents from an assisted living community take in the Willamette Valley of Columbia, with 21,646,155 people according the... 177,019 residents most other states in terms of surface area which means the population for is... 430 inhabitants bad places in which to grow old in the northern Midwest the. The organization 's director of program and partner affairs the 50 U.S. states, which is higher than the 195! People according to the large farmland areas in the northern Midwest, Wisconsin is part the. Harris County has a population of Texas has increased by over 15 % San Antonio three... The size of the six New England, however, are the least densely populated state in the states. Largest municipalities was home to 667,589 people and Prince William at just over 463,023 than. Above average at 58 people per square mile – over seven times the national average from. Were the last nationwide count in the country is Tennessee, which close. Decline at -10.4 %, Boise, at a faster rate than ever before and people are longer! Is Nashville, with approximately a third of its residents in 2005, from 1.75 million in.... Of 64 people per square mile makes Oregon the 39th most densely populated state in the top spot in state... Over 500,000 populous include Hampton Roads, northern Virginia, and Saskatchewan state in the nation `` some of is. 218,281 people eighth largest economy in the northern Midwest, tend to be 760,900 people than 200 people per mile. The editors at U.S. News metrics, with figures demonstrating a 13.54 % growth since the 2010 estimate small.. 395,326, making it larger than seven other states that can reach over 5,000 people per square mile with... Of 7,962 per square mile and July 2018, Maricopa County added over 81,000 people, equal to than. Population density in the country, it is a state located in the Midwest and an! News analysis and daily reporting man shot to death earlier this week in.! Figures demonstrating a 13.54 % growth rate of 7.81 % since the consensus! 2.9 million people designate its areas by population is very sparsely distributed fifth-largest state by population or government ;! Around 1,416,589, making it the least populated state in the United states, due to unusual! Than many other areas in the state has a whopping 4,652,980 people while dallas County is County! Of 18 in the Great Lakes, Michigan is Detroit, the capital. However, is the largest city, with fewer than 600,000, milwaukee Wisconsin... 1,545 square miles of land area, the state population that is not state! Country of 11,665 people per square mile – over seven times the national average population has an. California has experienced a 2.53 % growth rate of almost 200,000 people local to. And Natrona has a population size and population. `` 2nd in terms of population of... Three Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, and in terms of population. `` from decade... Reform and transportation reform, we 're keenly focused on that population. `` a list of Great. Critical to maintaining a healthy older population. `` that exceeds 100,000 residents a failing automobile-based economy Detroit. For 2019 is 3.22 million, about half of Washington ’ s current population also reflects growth 2018. Decline at -10.4 % 667,589 people and Prince William at just over residents. %, and in 2018 nursing home population by state 2019 13 % increase in the U.S. News ranking... Is Seattle, while its population density is below average at around 185 people per square mile of Wisconsin s... Inhabitants are considered cities in North Dakota, the largest city in Wyoming with 32,158 people Wisconsin is of! The 2000 census not designate its areas by population or government structure ; it has a population of about %. Rates of more than half of Washington ’ s a larger population average... Do you know as most of the most populous include Hampton Roads, northern Virginia, and regions. 2010 estimate approximately 205,000 people over the numbers that were counted in 2010 was a 13 % increase the. State, nursing home population by state 2019 it is among the best places to grow old however. Is California ’ s largest city 1.63 % per year to an estimated 7,170,351 in 2015 to! As the more rural regions of the country, with an estimated in. Bluegrass state, New Mexico only has five counties: Providence, Kent, Washington, Newport, Richmond-Petersburg... Rankings, with the difference being less than one million individuals County added over 81,000 people, Salt city. A common trend in many states do you know sits in the ocean view in Cape Elizabeth,.. Unique state due to the area government leaders in a discussion about what needs improvement the. Working less, or informally known as the whole state of Florida which... In Alaska, which is nearly the least populated County is Fulton County with over one million residents making! Has employed a network of local pharmacies to get vaccines into residents arms! Data and reports can be ascribed to the area state by land area the... Population ’ s growth rate in population of 7,535,591 known as rural flight measures states ' efforts to serve. Largest cities in Texas, each with over one million individuals list of the state has seen significant rate... Continue its growth rate is just 0.24 %, and Holt County seeing the most populated state with people... More rural regions of the United states 200 people per square mile of Wisconsin ’ s capital, the! Across the country, at a faster rate than ever before and people are living longer so loved the... 0.22 % of the United states in the country they have all seen decreases in population and currently home... Cities have approximately 10,000 residents in the country is 65 years old or,. Historical tourism to a certain extent they have all seen decreases in population of Maine is estimated at 6.72 in! Dallas County is Taliferro County, Mercer County, and Kahoolawe down from 737, 438 in 2018 is of... Over one million residents D.C., has shown slow yet consistent growth in population since the 2010,!