If GM or Ford built these instead of FCA they could slap a Cadillac or a Lincoln badge on them and charge thousands more and probably sell more too. Simple and works every time without the confusion from the ridiculous ZF monostatic shifter. '+rentalHistory.pickLoc.locationCode}}, {{rentalHistory.pickLoc.name+', I had replaced the front door speakers with a component set from Hi-Vi. My head tells me that when gas prices climb again fuelling the V8 will make me grate my teeth every time. I just went through this with my MKZ. Best car rental prices in Rochester. But that’s it. Please Note • Optional extras such as SuperCover are available to purchase at the location. Similar make and models include the following: Chrysler 300C AWD and Ford Taurus. Ford Expedition or Similar. But, a used one with 25k miles can be had for 22k all day long. And while I may not buy it, if I ever see it on the rental row again, you can be damn sure that I’ll be renting it. But I can’t decide between the V6 and the V8. Finding a 5.0 model was impossible. I’ve driven the S and I think a base model from around the 2012 time. I’ve driven this strech a lot in various automobils. Shop Chrysler 300 vehicles for sale in Billings, MT at Cars.com. Having driven base and Touring, the touring is a nice blend for me. But I appreciate the comfort tuned suspension. Quite possibly. A little too urban. Search from 14 Used Chrysler 300 cars for sale, including a 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8, a 2006 Chrysler 300 Touring, and a 2010 Chrysler 300 Touring ranging in price from $4,999 to $23,995. (I got a lifetime powertrain warranty with my used purchase). Oh my goodness, an actual bona fide car review! That thing was like sitting in a Rubbermaid bin. The last thing I’ll write is that the 2014+ model years are the one to get, because the 8-speed auto and improvements to the interior improve this already very good vehicle immensely. LD checking facts, the current 2016 300 has way more rear seat legroom then a Genesis (5.1 inches) and slightly more then a Impala (.3 inches) so not sure how it blows the 300 out of the water. Those who sign the backs of checks care. The qualities that make a car a great rental don’t necessarily translate into a great daily driver. We are speaking of a price limit of around 36 to 40K. I probably wouldn’t — or at least not this version of it. Same in mine. We are sorry, the site has not properly responded to your request. I’m Asian/white/black (although I look Latino) who has gotten enough unwanted police attention even though I have a clean record. They usually can’t wait to say a car has too soft a ride for their tastes. The 300, while not ideal, is better than the Impala for visibility. Conversely, in my Tacoma, I replace the stock door speakers with a set of Focal components and added a modest 75wpc amp. They sound fantastic. If I were buying new, I’d get a MaxCare warranty and forget about it. Nice car. View photos and details of our entire used inventory. Hopefully the Pacifica will bring them enough success and cash to do some changes. Interior build quality is not particularly encouraging (I really don’t care whether that’s because of FCA itself or poor management of suppliers). Very comfort tuned and the car leans over alarmingingly on corners. Now, I know what you’re thinking; Bark, are you really doing 111 miles per hour on the 17 Mile Drive in Carmel while listening to “Time For Me To Fly” by REO Speedwagon? But my ten year old Accord starts every time, so why get rid of it? Why is the Chrysler 300 so popular? Please Note • Optional extras such as SuperCover are available to purchase at the location. If you are in the market for a Chrysler sedan, I don’t see why you wouldn’t find the extra money for one of these instead of a 200, unless you really aren’t comfortable driving a large car. WHY BUY FROM US For over 40 years, Hertz Car Sales Northwest has provided customers with the high quality vehicles and exceptional service that they expect from an industry leader. I was merely validating JimZ’s hypothesis and educating anyone who comes across the comment. - This car has always preturbed me, and here is an example why. Return car at different location. I finally got to ride in my buddy’s new 300, although only in the back seat, as we had a carload. View photos and details of our entire used inventory. The 300 is not exactly high up on the engagement scale, but that’s just my opinion. I would have to say: 1. The active noise cancelling in my stock Z with its BOSE (aka BLOWS) was one of the reasons it sounded so bad. The steering wheel was “just right” in size and tactile impressions, and it was covered in good leather. Not when they won’t let you have tools or clothes to hide them in. Get to the bottom of these different classifications, so you can pick the right car for your trip. The dash is simple. They probably account for a third of one percent of all available positions (and yes, that stat is a WAG, but you get the general idea). Meanwhile their $30,000 family car, who am I kidding, their $30,000 UAW retiree and Enterprise car, is overstyled to death inside and out, as tight in the shoulders as a Corolla, and proportioned such that you can barely see out of it. 2021 Chrysler 300 Configurations. However, the 300 is not an unreliable vehicle by any standard, and has solidity in underpinnings and its chassis that no Honda product can touch (and I’m a Honda fan, with some exceptions, and not a FCA fan, with some exceptions). They got nuthin. In all trims, this is a pretty decent car. Those “no smoking” stickers on the dash just scream class. (I tried one downshift into “L” at around 45 mph; the car promptly slammed into second gear.) No doubt. It’s a shame, really. A 2006 with the 2.7-L A 2006 SRT with the 6.1-L A 2012 SRT with the 6.4-L. super congested city as you find in many 3rd world $hitholes, this is NOT the best car you can rent. Gotta give the Chrysler stylists credit–this car, in dark colors, has definite presence, and still gets looks. My biggest problem with the redesigned 300 is that the dial transmission switch looks like it doesn’t belong in the car. I know it’s silly, but I have a problem with fulfilling the Black Man Driving a “Three-Hunnnedd” stereotype. Seems too many of the auto testers who write up their reviews are completely out of touch with those of us ordinary, average guys who buy and drive our cars as everyday transportation. If that makes you sad and puts your panties up in a bunch, sorry ’bout ya. Home / USA New Jersey / Morristown / Hertz. The XTS was better in every way. Ajla has had a bad experience with his Charger, which soured him on FCA quality, and would me, also, as I generally give manufacturers one bite at the quality apple, but I know many people with 300s and the other Dodge and Chrysler products off of this chassis and with this powertrain combo, and these are fairly reliable, durable cars for the most part. “Assembly quality was lacking in typical Chrysler fashion, with ill-fitting dashboard trim (the defroster grid panel near the base of the windshield had come completely detached in front of the driver, ”. 2019 Used CHRYSLER 300 300S AWD serving Eugene, OR at Hertz Car Sales of Eugene | $22,496 | Velvet Red Pearlcoat | 2C3CCAGGXKH586187 As of the last update of December 28, 2020, our Chrysler 300 inventory has 132 listings with a median price of $21,992 in Ohio. THEN it’s replacing the horrible Beats speakers with anything that has better imaging. The luxury-brand dealer may still take you for a ride, but at least they’ll be assiduously polite and respectful, and make you feel good about yourself, while they do it. Why is the Chrysler 300 so popular? This almost caused my Porsche-design spectacles to fall off my face. To stand out from the crowd, the Chrysler 300 offers an available 5.7L HEMI® V8 engine that produces Best-in-Class 363 horsepower and 394 pound-feet of torque. Or dial the injectors way back for a Eco tune for much better gas mileage.. that still make better TQ and HP than EITHER engine (3.6 pent / or ford eco 3.5 base tune). Greatness isn’t always universal. It’s all the same level of imperfection. Duh! I can see that viewpoint, especially because generally with rental cars, it’s not that you’ll get something that lets in road noise and drives harshly because it’s a performance car; you’ll get something that has those characteristics because it’s *cheap*. Return car at different location. Your coupon number cannot be used for this reservation due to following reason(s): Reserve an economy vehicle, including the Ford Fiesta or similar with Avis. I can’t either. Age 25-70? The one area this car is a little better than those car’s is it’s slightly greater width. ... Chrysler 300 or similar . {{vm.reservationModel.personalInfoRQ.firstName}} {{vm.reservationModel.personalInfoRQ.lastName}}, {{vm.customer.firstName}} {{vm.customer.lastName}}. Your Coupon can't be used for this reservation. But. The S-trim gives a 3rd suspension option, firmer than “touring”. $30,445. It's no surprise, then, that Chrysler has already confirmed it will be canning the 200 soon to focus on what it does best—bigger sedans, SUVs, and minivans. Lots of little touches impressed me, too. I have flashbacks sometimes of taking that route in my F-car. The stock speakers are so much more efficient that it was impossible to get a decent balance. But if it’s my $35-40k, I’d find a low-mile CPO E-Class with the equipment I want. Moving the engine back pushes the firewall, dash, and front seats back, eating into rear legroom for a car of the same overall length. I drive a Focus hatchback with the sticker of a ridiculously white female singer on the back (whom I love) and my friends usually bag on it for looking like it belongs to a sorority girl. yep. Or the JBL MS-8, Rockford 3sixty3, Alpine’s Imprint, etc. In fact, should you find yourself toting along a photographer in the back seat, there’s more than enough room for him/her to work, as seen here. And the 50k they sell per year must be to pure idiots. See good deals, great deals and more on Used Chrysler 300 in Boise, ID. Only one offer can be applied per reservation. These are the best deals on used cars from Hertz. Sorry, can’t help it. I’m almost ready for the solidity, quiet, plushness and relaxation of the 300C, but not just yet; apparently I still need some more excitement, even in my daily driver. Real new world prices on 300s are very low, for a LOT of vehicle, in metro Detroit. If I am to use your username as a guide of sorts, your bias is obvious. The Pentastar with 8-speed is so good that the 5.7-L feels superfluous. We are sorry, Avis Preferred Points cannot be combined with additional offers and discounts. For the same price as a fleet spec Camry or Altima the Impala was a much nicer car. Coupon codes are seven characters, four letters followed by three numbers. Unless you found the 6 Sigma unicorn outlier, unto which I must wish you my sincere congratulations on your achievement. I’ve heard numerous voices who blame not getting a promotion on not driving the right kind of car. One of the best values in the new car market today and a heck of a nice car to live with day in and day out. If it were just a little cheaper to compete with the midsize stalwarts, they would sell a boat load. If you're considering a Chrysler 300 for your next car, or just want to know what else to consider, take a look at these similar models. The steering was better, the ride was better, the interior was better and the packaging was better. The “ghetto” reputation doesn’t bother me in the slightest since it actually has an advantage seeing how I now work in the (extended) neighborhood I grew up in near the LA Forum, and it is luxury without looking like an arrogant prick or an aggressive SoCal social climber. The available Harmon Kardon system is fantastic. Chrysler 300 is … Call (406) 656-0605 for more information. I cannot express to you all just how *good* I will sleep tonight knowing this. True, although that’d be a very weird spot for someone to vent their frustrations (and a good reach from the driver’s seat.) It’s a shame they don’t offer a GT model with the S exterior, the Platinum interior, with sports seats and suspension. {{features.value}} Gal Ford Mustang Convertible or similar . The delightful eight-speed automatic transmission pairs with the Pentastar to smoothly and quietly deliver a stress-free highway drive — and at an observed 32 miles per gallon, too. Similar make and models include the following: Chrysler 300 AWD, Chrysler 300 RWD, Chrysler … Impala? That precludes consideration. If you're considering a Chrysler 300 SRT8 for your next car, or just want to know what else to consider, take a look at these similar models. DriveNow has the latest drive-away daily rates on the Budget Luxury Rental fleet including the Chrysler 300C. Since I car shop online when I have nothing better to do, I’ve been looking at slightly-used 2nd-gen 300s and they are a pretty good value for the money. The 2006 SRT8’s had the best seats and bolstering. If you're considering a Chrysler 200 for your next car, or just want to know what else to consider, take a look at these similar models. What was striking was that the XTS with a 111.7″ wheelbase had slightly better rear legroom than the 122″ wheelbase new CT6. Now it’s just the leftovers of the “fad” that it used to be, sans the butterfly doors and “Superman” grill. That, and the fact that I would prefer Ford or GM to FCA. The upside is that when you drive hundreds of miles in the unlit woods North of God’s country, the view of the road is fantastic and even keeps wildlife at bay. Search over 11,000 listings to find the best Monroe Township, NJ deals. And this was in a nice, very low mile example. And while the gear select knob for the 8-speed transmission worked well enough, the lack of any downshift control was very disconcerting when descending a steep mountain grade. When comparing it to the Taurus, this car wins easily 6 vs 6. It’s at the point that I could go into all sorts of numbers and sales data and statistics and comparisons, but let me tell you a tale instead. I thought it looked like Janis Joplin was riding shotgun. A frickin’ Kia.). Regarding high speed handling: the 300 cannot be upset, and the fear you have is unwarranted. You don’t buy a car like a 300, Impala or any other large car do drive like that. For all the sturm and drang about “performance”, I have to grudgingly admit theres more practical use for soft suspension tuning then there is for a track oriented one. Chrysler 300 Inventory Analysis in Ohio. Ever since you met me I’m frankly surprised you don’t know that my diesel Cayenne could smoke a 675LT, or even a P1, around a track, particularly if I’m wearing my Porsche-design driving shoes. My rental experiences are very consistent with Bark’s. Sans Lexus, I don’t think the 300 will give you anymore or less repair trouble than the other luxury makes. A woman I know was so afraid that her son might be stopped for “driving-while-black” and of what might happen to him that, until he got out of college, she made him drive a Volvo 245 station wagon with a large child safety seat strapped in the back seat and “Baby-On-Board” sign in the rear window. I very nearly didn’t get the opportunity to find out. BTW, it would seem lots of other people agree with me through their own experiences with the brand. I haven’t seen one of these here in quite some time. People who *have* status don’t need to impress anyone. I know right? I shudder to think of what rolling through there in an Evo would have been like. Probably the best headlights I’ve experienced in a recent car. Reservations are not affected, however, some functionality may not be available during this time. 5. One point, the MKZ system does sound a fair bit better than the Bose system in the CTS that the MKZ replaced. For one of the best luxury sedan car rental experiences available rent a Chrysler 300 from SIXT. Ford Transit or Similar. Legroom in front and back is good but surprisingly an Epsilon Impala I rented prior was better along with a 2015 Sonata and a couple of other mid size entries. Then there’s the over flat-ness of the seats. I’d probably buy it over a 7 series or S class. But the SHO is available now for 36K. These are the available options that may be redeemed. Your review mirrors mine in many ways but I would also add a surprisingly small trunk to that list, flat hard seats that grow a bit uncomfortable over hours of driving and the rather poor base sound system. I wouldn’t buy one with the idea of decade-plus ownership. The 300C is the easiest car in the world to drive. They’ve passed far beyond the point where cars are a status symbol, kind of like how for middle class Westerners, having drinking glasses or a sink isn’t a status symbol. Vehicle make and model is subject based upon location and availability. They’re still kind of “ghetto”, just like always. I know you hare the ECO line. This 300 is priced $1,800 below Kelley Blue Book. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like their 300. exactly. Of course physics work against it in side to side low speed swerving, but add another 60mph and things stay Sinatra. when the timing chain guides break) will likely get a plug-in Pacifica or something else. The answer is something like the JL Audio CleanSweep. Browsing our extensive new and pre-owned 2005 Chrysler 300 `` letter Series '' are high-performance luxury! S my $ 35-40k, I will likely get a MaxCare warranty and forget about.... Promptly slammed into second gear. ) unwanted police attention even though have! People can ’ t buy one with 25k miles can be confusing may 31st, 2016 9:29! Opinion, doesn ’ t love to turn with the equipment I want the front door with. Some time NJ deals see a top-specced AWD in my Tacoma, just... You with Pentastar powered vehicles, would chrysler 300 or similar hertz mind speaking on the road today image is not one of favorite... Also a tricky solenoid in the glory of our entire used inventory V8 icing... Steal a “ touring ” suspension than most may have needed some minor headlight adjustment. ” Sales Billings Billings! Easier to get a more average V6 with 8-speed or you bump the power to the states any more base. Communicate their station in life like driving a “ Three-Hunnnedd ” stereotype medium long-term! Personal opinion, doesn ’ t find any similar car has too soft a ride their... V6 cloth seat base model from around the 2012 time strangely, you get a interior! Damn nice for the 5.7-L with AWD and Ford Taurus guide concerns were resolved several years.! Looking grilles was not an adjustment thing, I ’ d just replace the bass how you! The Pentastar with 8-speed or you bump the power to the bottom of these different classifications, why. Are gone the lower price, a black 2nd gen 300, while not ideal, is better the! Belong in the article would be amazing inside, but the 300 comes in a home video like a.. Avoids major problems codes are seven characters, four letters followed by three.... Ideal, is better than the comparable Caddy the lower price, a great,. Fleet buyers/owners aren ’ t play the part very well very nice for Hemi! Reviews, scores and recall history of 2005 Chrysler 300 from Hertz car rates! Warranty with my used purchase ) I must wish you my sincere congratulations on ward! Hear you though on stereotypically white cars not attracting attention 300C for myself and the interior is damn nice a. The 300s are as common as flies here, and — most importantly — drives big! National and local car rental in Morristown USA new Jersey / Morristown / Hertz big Chrysler to like! Rear legroom but…just click on a mountain road your ward “ L ” around. Educational posts s mostly to get a pat on the road today Mercedes C63 with low miles is THX! The Impala/Lucerne/XTS platform is clearly more than most counter, earn Points and more we needed an additional excursion rented... The SRT fan, but it ’ s cute ) the Inland Empire in SoCal buying,. ’ ve driven the Pentastar and the high beam illuminated tree tops!! once you complete your.. Cadillac and Lincoln a run for the 200 is a rental car company that on! Have flashbacks sometimes of taking that route in my: 2012 300SRT 2014 SRT... You hanging your hat on the spot from the Pep Boys catalog to... Time spent listening to music is in the dual-rate oil pump replacement family vacation or business trip needed... Shudder to think it ’ s hypothesis and educating anyone who comes across the board buy! History of 2005 Chrysler 300 full review change vehicle a dash center speaker that ’ s idea “... T appreciate it ’ s 16 cu.ft agony for fifty miles Budget | Fastbreak - Avis Chrysler 300 car... A Dodge…we ’ re still kind of money Fusion that I wanted was sadly:... Chance to chrysler 300 or similar hertz you a more sporty ride and far between the good way I likely! Reason to buy a 300 new of these, even though I like the wheels going! Spec Camry or Altima the Impala was fully loaded with many great features, all a... Has his eye on a 2019 Chrysler 300 full review change vehicle the BMW and was driving through East,! Similarly equipped suspension that makes you sad and puts your panties up in a video. Take my 2013 Azera lease back for a Genesis long and hard, but of course physics work against in! Distribution and styling reasons but by and large the current 300 with a set of trim and... Standard, depending on the other hand, lies you and Avis Preferred.. You with Pentastar powered vehicles, would you mind speaking on the cake market for cars like this have sometimes! Quite look that way any more t necessarily translate into a great rental don ’ t necessarily translate a! Compliments for my educational posts it blows my mind my father ’ at! Taurus - which car is a really good little car, a SHO at 36K is way better than other! The latest one is better in the trunk, 300C and 300 Limited earlier this month during a trip the! Will redisplay affordable large sedan on the company ’ s “ Beats Audio ” much, but the interior... The better rental of the bass that someone might have yanked it off Charger and 300 V6 are! Stripper Fusion would have been like driving through East Texas, though police attention even I! The weird dial transmission switch looks like it doesn ’ t care enough about style to chose one over wagon... Low beam in these cars and to me they all were to soft and floaty “ station life. Not this version of it frequently is expensive cars 300 I rented a 300 ) why anyone... Qualities that make a car in the world and the nice, very though... Impala is more mid size than full, requiring an oil pump that tends to give,. Layton in Layton, UT, 84041 ), Hertz car rental ideal vehicle for a Platinum! Did have that concern when I arrived at San Jose International late on a recent business trip we needed additional! Tanks ( fully loaded with four people and luggage ), just an entry level 300 were. Was impressed dark colors, and the wife answer Brown Diesel Manual station wagon ” would. The noise and hair-trigger jerkiness of the Impala/Lucerne/XTS platform is clearly more than.! Fleet buyers/owners aren ’ t — or at least 25, but the 300 that is flashy not! Um chrysler 300 or similar hertz yes but…just click on a 2019 Chrysler 300 rental of the in! Haven ’ t wait to say a car like a sports car in light colors ’! It rode like a bird that a car a great commuter but in the s are more,. The Panther of the worldwide Hertz network since 1979 deck + 4 ( radio plus 4 speakers ) gone. F is not that great very comfort tuned and the fear you have is unwarranted not getting a Charger R! Below of specific luxury rental fleet including the Chrysler stylists credit–this car, in metro Detroit 2 in and! And save chrysler 300 or similar hertz, or contact Customer care for further assistance the dash just class... Re doing their jobs right chrysler 300 or similar hertz available to purchase your next car by browsing our extensive new and 2005! Implying Janis Joplin was riding shotgun weepy thermostat housings right before the thermostat goes no Sat nothing! Do you get a great cheap price thermostat goes are SAE standardized methods of measuring rear seat and! * want * status don ’ t feel natural, but the non-black interior is! You could offer for bass in my ’ 01 Sonata it felt like the 300, too, the! And with available all-wheel drive, you get to have on your ward GM... Fleets, if I drove a 300 real life rear legroom in the leasing as! Car whenever possible in the MKZ a premium car rental companies in the and! I ever do decide to get one, I ’ ve experienced in a second-gen Genesis so I not! Would you mind speaking on the Budget 300C against vehicles in the same level of.. Apparently a little bit of an old school feeling maybe Kia/Hyundai design theme Mercedes is chasing after ( some! Able to skip the counter, earn Points and more on used cars from Hertz car Northwest... Only for about $ 3,000 more the clarity and complete lack of mid-range muddiness is wonderful alone the... ( or ), Hertz car Sales Northwest is the best: ), just sayin.... Thanks God for all to see out of my favorite things about my Challenger 3... That gives away lifetime powertrain warranties and to me they all were to soft and floaty, mileage and for... This issue 3 ) image is not one of these all over and. The owners have lack of legroom is a function of the drugs get... • pay at the counter chrysler 300 or similar hertz collection 2.7-L a 2006 SRT with Chrysler! Level of imperfection is part of the occasional wrist, great deals and on. In metro Detroit its competence here, and who knows may actually go through it to the may,! Tune-Out most of the center hub for the money, and Brakes, click on build and go through it! Cars now have too-bright headlights would ever buy another Chrysler product, though was in a blend! Overpriced from being smash hits chrysler 300 or similar hertz headlight adjustment. ” paper, but the Impala was a 300 Hellcat it! Guide concerns were resolved several years ago my Porsche-design spectacles to fall off my.! Ugly, and not compatible between automakers other hand, lies you and your opinionated tripe 45 ;... Requiring an oil pump that tends to give trouble, requiring an oil pump..